AIR BRUSH TEE SHIRT GRAFFITI: Choose your past time or activity & have it Air Brushed on a Tee Shirt.


AQUARIUM TO GO: Pick your live fish and plant. Add colored gravel and we put it in a vase with ribbon to go. The fish lives off the roots of the plants.


ARCADE GAME ROOM: Choose from various pinball & video games. Call for list.
Pool tables, ping-pong tables, air hockey, driving games, and many more. Selections are constantly changing as we try to bring you the newest and the latest. Great for kids and adults too.


ARTS & CRAFTS: Custom made packages. Kids create with paper, glitter, stick-ons, glue, Popsicle sticks, and more. Kids stay busy plus take home their artwork.


BALLOON GIFTS: Put items inside an inflated balloon. Choose from Confetti, stuffed Animals, glow lights, yo yo's and much more.


BALLOONIST: Expert balloonist interacts while making creations out of colorful balloons.

BEAD WORKS: Create beaded jewelry. We supply an assortment of beads to put on leather string and you create bracelets, necklaces, key chains & ankle bracelets.


CANDY CART: Oversized cart filled with a variety of candy choices.


CANDLE CREATIONS: Create scented candles with various colors of wax.


CANDY & CEREAL BOXES: Pose for a photo and we put this on Junior Mints, Wheaties, or Juju fruit boxes.


CANDY LANE: Walk down the lane to our giant Lucite display filled with mouth watering favorites like in the movies. Scoop your own and bag it. A candy lover's dream come true.


CARICATURIST: Take home a sketch.

CARNIVAL: A fantastic way for many guests to participate at once. Deluxe package of 4 Game booths or more, each with a game and a staff person, plus one prize redemption booth with an attendant.

CASINO: Just like in Vegas but all for fun: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Dealers & Accessories.

CHAINS BY THE INCH: We bring over 1 dozen styles of 24K gold plated chains. You choose necklace, bracelet, and more.

CHOCOLATE FACTORY: Dip edible Pretzels, Cookies, Strawberries, Bananas and more. Complete with staff and chocolate machine. Eat them now or take them home.

CIGAR BAR: Our expert can roll the cigar right in front of you plus finish off pre-made cigars.

CRAB RACING: Up to 10 Hermit Crabs will race each other into the winner's circle. Crabs have different colored shells.

CRAZY CANDY: Design your tube of assorted, colorful, flavored, candy powder. Mix many Fruity flavors.

COMPUTERIZED PORTRAITS: Your photo on paper, calendars, T-shirts Posters etc.

CREATIVE NAMES: Receive a printout with facts, history, and origin of your name.

CRYSTAL BODY JEWELS: Our staff applies self-adhesive, sparkling, crystal body jewels. They will last up to a week. You can swim, exercise, or shower without them falling off.

ENGRAVING: Your name will be engraved on your choice of gold or silver plated bracelets, chokers, dog tags, money clips, or key chains.

FACE PAINTER: Pretty designs are painted on skin with water base paint.

FANTASY FACE PAINTER: Super deluxe designs with jewels and glitter.

FORTUNE FINDER: This wonderful video game is a Gypsy that will read the Crystal Ball. It's fun to do and a conversation piece. Good fortunes only.

FRISBEE SPIN ART: Drip various colors of paint and create your design. This double-headed machine allows 2 kids to do it at once.

FUNKY ID'S: Fool your friends because your photo will be put on fake licenses, credit cards, backstage passes, ID's and more.

GEL CANDLES: Fill your glass with jelly wax. Add trinkets, color, scent, flowers, and shells

GLASS BLOWER: Just imagine taking home your unique glass memento.

GOOFY GLASSES: Use your imagination to design sunglasses. Be the talk of the town.

GRAFFITI ARTIST: Our Artist will paint a unique masterpiece for you such as your name across the NY skyline, or a Caribbean Island, or personalize according to your theme. Order In advance T-Shirts, Boxers, or Hats.

GUITAR FREAKS: High tech videogame with 2 guitars lets 1 or 2 players play anything From Rock 'N' Roll, to Blues, to Heavy Metal. Play the tunes well and you continue to a more difficult song.

HAIR WRAP: Let us create a unique look by wrapping colored threads and beads around a thin braid... just like in the islands.

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: Write a sentence and our expert will describe to you what you're about.

HAT MANIA: We bring the hats and patches and each guest gets to design their own hat with the patches of their choice. Choose from variety of hats

HOLLYWOOD HANDS: Guests make a plaster mold imprint from their hand. It can be autographed. Many colors of plaster available.

HORSERACING: Our MC and betting attendant control the large video screen and sound for 8 exciting races plus 100 personalized programs. We can play music videos in between.

HYPER BOWL: Watch a screen of a scene and roll the ball through the scene

I.D. DOG TAGS: Get your personalized dog tag with chain just like in the military.

KARAOKE: Sing like your favorite recording artist as you read the words from our TV monitor. Comes with technician and hundreds of songs.

LEATHER BRACELETS: Choose from many colors. Our engraver personalizes with names, designs, etc.

MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO: Your guests take home their very own custom music video.

MONEY BOOTH: Imagine grabbing free "money" as it swirls around you. Just for fun, Compete for prizes, or promotional event for businesses.

MULTI TALENTED: Our costumed performer will combine 3 talents such as: Strolling magic, face painting, balloons, stilts, juggling, etc.

NEO MESSENGER: Step into our beautiful booth and record your personalized message. Receive an adorable key chain with that recorded message. Message can be repeated over & over by pressing a button.

NEWS OF THE PAST: Receive an 8 1/2" x 11" computer printout telling what was going on the day you were born or any day in history during the past century. For example, Presidents, Sports, Music & Cost of living. Can be personalized.

PAPER CUTTER: Our Chinese paper cutter creates magnificent animals, figures and silhouettes for you to take home. This unique novelty item is one of a kind. Can be strolling.

PERFUME CREATIONS: Choose your favorite scent of colored perfume or cologne. Our attendant puts this in a clear 1/4 ounce bottle for you to take home.

PHONY LICENSE CARD: We put your photo on the front of this novelty laminated license

PHOTOS: Photos come in a personalized folder & all themes come with costumes, props, and accessories to create the mood. Pick one of the following themes: HAWAIIAN THEME, 50'S THEME, WESTERN THEME, SPORTS THEME.

PHOTOBILITIES: You are superimposed shaking hands with celebrities, skydiving, etc.

PHOTO BUTTONS: Pose by yourself or with your friends. Receive a 3" plastic button to wear.

PHOTO JEWELRY: Our video camera catches each guest's photo image and then etches him or her into jewelry bookmarks, key chains, necklaces and more.

PHOTO MEMORIES: An assortment of magnets, key rings, buttons, and frames with your picture

PHOTO MORPHOSIS: Step in front of our high tech machine that merges technologies offering you a glimpse of your future child. Two players combine their facial features, or morph yourself with an animal. Choose gender and more. Receive printout.

PHOTO POSTERS TO GO: Photos of the guests are superimposed with many themes. Great Quality. Comes with tubes and personalized labels.

PHOTOS IN FOLDER: Includes attendant, folders, and film. Can be personalized with name or logo.

PHOTO BOOTH: Sit in the Old Fashioned type booth and receive a strip of photos.

PHOTO STICKER BOOTH: Get your picture on stickers.

PRANKSTER: Strolling comedian breaks the ice and makes your guests hysterical with props, gags, watch steal, and high-energy interaction. Complete with portable microphone and unbeatable personality he's a sensational craze that your guests will be talking about forever.

PUZZLE DECORATING: Decorate your solid, colored, puzzle with markers. The bigger the puzzle, the bigger the pieces. Choose 3 x 5,5 x 7, or 8x10. Take it home in a plastic bag.

REAL PUNCHER: Digitize your face on a video machine and punch away. Receive a printout of your deformed face. Great for boxers, and sports theme.

RICE JEWELRY: Our artist draws names or sayings on a grain of rice and then it is put into Glass Ornaments or made into necklaces.

RECORDING BOOTH: Go inside our booth and sing your favorite song being backed up by the original music and receive a souvenir tape cassette. Can be personalized with label.

SAND ART: Make beautiful sand creations with a variety of colors and containers.

SIXTY SECOND NOVELIST: Our old-fashioned reporter strolls with typewriter and will type a clever story for your guests.

SKILL CRANE: Operating this crane is a talent of skill and determination. Press the button and it will drop to a sea of prizes. Keep trying over and over again. Filled with toys & candy.

SPIN ART: Create a unique design with paints on cardboard with frame.

SPORTS CARD MANIA: Realistic sports cards with personalized statistics. Pick your favorite Team.

STAMP FAN: It only takes 10 seconds to create your own pre-inked stamp. Choose from 90 patterns and 5 colors or put your face on the stamp.

SUPER SIGN SHOP: Personalize signs, bumper stickers or license plates.

TEMPORARY TATTOOS AIRBRUSHED: Our specialist will airbrush designs on your skin.

TEMPORARY TATTOOS: Artist applies your choice of tattoos. Various colors and designs.

TRIVIA GAME SHOW ON WHEELS: Spin the wheel and the arrow will land on one of 12; Categories of questions, answer it right and you get a prize.

TRIVIA GUY: Strolling performer asks questions. Can be personalized.

VIEWFINDERS: Your photo is taken and put in the traditional viewer.

VIRTUAL MAKEOVER: Imagine yourself with different hair, eyes, lips, etc. Our computer will give you a printout of your new looks.

VIRTUAL MONSTER COASTER: Sit inside our 10 x 10 enclosed area, and our hydraulic motion chair that moves will make you feel you're on top of a roller coaster. The ultimate thrill.

VIRTUAL REALITY: Step on the pod, wearing a helmet and play the game that you see inside linked to another player. Two pods included. Includes TV monitor so viewers can watch

WIRE SCULPTURE: Our Artist twists wire into figurines such as football players, violinists, lady shopping, dancer, dentists, and more.

WAX WORKS: Create a mold of your hand in wax. Choose colors and accessories to hold; a long lasting party favor.